Simply put, the trekking in and around the Sacred Valley of the Incas is quite possibly the finest in the world.

Stunning glacier views and Amazon jungle terrain, Incan ruins virtually everywhere, and the ever-present Andean culture of agriculture, weavings, and children tending flocks of llamas and sheep… this is as good as it gets !

You don’t need to be in top physical condition to enjoy these treks, as we offer many trips that can be done by even the most casual hikers. You can go anywhere from an easy, half day walk mostly downhill, or the more adventure we offer epic treks of up to two weeks through some of the steepest and most remote terrain on Earth.

We have been exploring these mountains for over a decade – walking the Incan Andes is what we do. We combine the comfort, quality gear and guide you expect, while still pursuing and delivering the cultural experience that you are looking for.

We like to say that we are a guide company … for people who normally don’t hire a guide. See our extensive selection of treks above, in the dropdown boxes under “Trekking”