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Riding a motorcycle through Peru is one of life’s most amazing experiences ! We started out riding motorcycles back home, and now we have been leading motorcycle tours in Peru for over a decade. We love it. We know what travelers are looking for: Safety, Fun, Knowledge, Adventure, and top quality gear. We have all of that. Don’t be fooled by our lack of depth on our motorcycle web page, we are still working on building it out but we have toured South America on motorcycle and we have lived in the Machu Picchu area for ten years – we are the ones to go to when you have shopped around and are ready for some real answers and a unique trip based on your needs and not a standard package !

The touring possibilities are endless, and they range fromL Renting a motorcycle in Cusco for just a few days in order to ride the “Back Door” route through St. Theresa to Picchu, doing day trips out of Cusco or Ollantaytambo and taking motorcycle trips to Inca sites and remote roads in the mountains, or renting a motorcycle for two to four weeks in order to tour the entire country.

Whatever you are looking for, we are knowledgeable about motorcycles and Peru and we work with selected suppliers to bring you the best and newest fleets of motorcycles available in Peru, for your safety. In addition, we can provide guides, support vehicles, and complete logistical arrangements for your whole trip. And of course free advice !

If you have ever looked for a motorcycle for rent in Cusco, or how to get to Machu Picchu on motorcycle, or just in general a motorcycle tour in Peru, then email us today at for specific details. 

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