We are travelers ourselves – so we know how difficult or even frustrating it can be to try to organize all the information about Peru into a cohesive and well planned itinerary for your trip.

So, we have came up with several sample itineraries for you, depending on your time available, to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of Peru. You can either just use our ideas and plan the trip on your own, or we will be happy to organize and book it all for you.

Note that in most cases, the cost to do it with us will be less than if you booked it on your own due to the volume discounts we receive. Nearly all our hotel prices, for example, are lower than the public rates. And you have the advantage of our unlimited personal assistance from the planning stages of your trip up through your actual visit and until you leave.

You can see area maps here.

See below for some examples,you can choose either by time or destination desired.

1 Day Transportation Packages     or     Machu Picchu Discount Packages

2 Day Discount Packages     or     Cusco Discount Packages

3 Day Discount Packages     or     Ollantaytambo Discount Packages

4 Day Discount Packages     or     Cusco/Ollantaytambo/Machu Picchu Packages

5 Day Discount Packages     or     6 Day Discount Packages

7 Day Discount Packages     or     8 Day Discount Packages

9 Day Discount Packages     or     10 Day Discount Packages



Go above with your mouse cursor and hover on Itineraries to see some options for either a seven or ten day trip. Please email us with any questions !