2 Day

If you only have available a couple days but want to experience a taste of true Andean high mountain trekking, then we have a few options for you.


Choquechaca is a very small and traditional village in the mountains up above Ollantaytambo. Passing first through the pre-Incan site of Pumamarca, it continues up a trail and eventually reaches Choquecaca. Camp and return, click here for full details.

Inca Raccay is part of a complex Inca network of buildings, waterfalls, carved caves, and many other suprrises in the mountains just south of Ollantaytambo. This is a rugged and steep hike, camping overnight, but it is one of our favorites due to the combination of beautiful mountain scenery, authentic Incan sites with few visitors, and close proximity to Ollantaytambo. Click here for more information.