Longer Treks, Custom Trips, and Explorations

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We are the leading experts of trekking and hiking tours in Peru. We have done many major expeditions to the furthest depths of the Andes – and there are Incan sites everywhere that have been neither explored nor excavating. We offer trekking trips to Peru that are unlike any in the world. These are custom hiking trips that we put together after we talk to you and find out exactly what you are looking for !

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You don’t have to be in spectacular physical condition to do these longer, epic treks. It is possible to take horses on these longer trips if you don’t want to hike all of them. They range from 7 to 20 days and we can take you places that few if not literally no tourists have ever gone, due to the extreme difficulty of reaching them by trekking.  They are very remote.  Please email us at kbperu@hotmail.com and tell us you are interested in an “epic trip” and we can help you come up with the dream trekking trip of a lifetime.