To Machu Picchu

Mountain Biking to Machu Picchu


Although it is not possible to mountain bike all the way to Machu Picchu we do offer a couple of different tours that go to there via what is known as the “Back Door”. These trips end at the jungle outpost town of St. Maria, from where one travels by vehicle onward to St. Theresa and then to the HydroElectric station, from where it is either a lovely 3 hour walk along the train tracks to Aguas Calientes or else a short train ride (when available, the train is often not running).

All the bike trips to Machu Picchu involve starting at the 14,300 foot high glacial pass of Abra Malaga above Ollantaytambo, before plunging down nearly 10,000 feet down to the jungle – an incredible ride !

We offer 3 different versions: our standard 3 day trip, a do-it-yourself 1 day trip, and an extended trip that includes our favorite place in Peru:  the Incan village of Huancancalle in the Vilcabamba. See our dropdown boxes above for more details on each of these trips.