5 Day Best of Machu Picchu

5 Day Best of Machu Picchu


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A custom experience at Machu Picchu; an Insider visit to magnificent Ollantaytambo; Trips to the Salt Mines, Moray, and Pisac. A drive up to the Continental Divide of South America at over 14,000 feet of altitude and overlooking the Amazon Jungle Basin PLUS: one off-the-path site that we don’t publicize 🙂


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Day 1
There is no better way to start an international trip, after long flights in another language, than to have your own personal car, driver, and your concierge for all things Peru: Your KB Tambo english speaking guide and your new connection to a local. They will all be waiting at the airort when you arrive. Take a deep breath, you are at over 11,000 feet of altitude! We’ll have time to do a quick cruise into Cusco city center, maybe grab some breakfast or coffee, change some money before making the gorgeous, two hour drive to Ollantaytambo through the Sacred Valley of the Incas. We will check in, unpack and relax, and take care of any remaining details to make sure you are all dialed in for your vacation!

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Day 2
After a good night of sleep and a relaxing morning and hot fresh breakfast, you will go visit the main Incan Fortress in the main center of Ollantaytambo. This is a very impressive site that takes about 2 hours to visit and highly recommended. Your entrance fee is included, and we do include an English speaking guide for this visit. Afterwards, enjoy a lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in town (included).
In the afternoon, we will spend about two hours walking the old, Incan original part of this fascinating historical town. Your guide can point out many hidden stone features, authentic family homes, etc.  Today we end off in mid afternoon and the rest of the day and evening/dinner are on your own.
Included today is breakfast, lunch, guide service until late afternoon day, all entrance fees, and your hotel in the evening.

Day 3
Time to go visit Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Taking the early train from Ollantaytambo at 5am(!) or 6am depending on which Machu Picchu ticket you choose, your English speaking guide will be waiting for you as you exit the train in Aguas Calientes. They will then accompany you on the thrilling 25 minute bus ride up to the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu.   Optional Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu add-on is $20 extra, and is subject to availability. Return to Ollantaytambo on the train in time for a good dinner.
Included today is your basic entrance ticket to Machu Picchu, your roundtrip train ticket, your roundtrip bus ticket, English speaking guide, your hotel, breakfast, and even a boxed lunch!


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Day 4
Some of the most spectacular scenery, history, and unique Inca construction you will see in the entire trip to Peru wil happen today. First, we will make the winding, twisting climb via taxi up to Abra Malaga, a paved road at over 14,000 feet of altitude. On the way down we will pass by pre-Incan buildings, world famous birding sites, waterfalls, and if we’re lucky some llamas.
You’ll be free afterward for lunch in town, then afterwards we will go visit the Salt Mines and Moray – 2 very unique and interesting Inca sites- in the afternoon. You can do these visits either just in the car (which is honestly amazing, both of them) and each site offers significant opportunities for hiking around while visiting, for as long and far as you want. You can even do one or both of these excursions on mountain bike, for just a small extra charge. (ask us for details).

Included today is breakfast,guide service a ll day, all private transportation throughout the day, and your hotel in the evening, as well as all entrance fees.
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Day 5
Today after breakfast and relaxing we will take you to Cusco, but not before stopping for a couple hours at Pisaq, a famous and very interesting Incan town with both a popular market (selling both local produce as well as, yes, souvenirs, and quite lovely ones we must say!) as well as the Inca archaeological site there, which takes about two hours to go through and we pay for the entrance.
After, we will take the scenic way to Cusco, passing by several Inca sites which you can stop at if you did not do the ruins in Pisac.
Included today is breakfast, guide service up until your arrival to Cusco, all private transportation throughout the day, all entrance fees, and your hotel in the evening.
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The cost for this itinerary is $995 per person based on two people total, double occupancy hotel (2 beds or one large queen). It also includes unlimited consultations and questions for KB the owner, and unlimited support for your trip – before, during and after.  Please note that $250 of that cost approximately goes to your Machu Picchu visit.