Inca Avalanche

Mountain Bike the Inca Downhill


This is ride is, quite simply, one of the best in Peru. It follows a downhill race course formerly known as the “Mega Avalanche” and now known as the Inca Avalanche.

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While there are almost always optional lines that avoid its many steep drops and jumps, this ride is definitely for experienced and advanced riders only!  Beginning from the 14,4000 foot high pass of Abra Malaga, the trail follows an ancient Inca road down nearly 5,000 vertical feet of steep and rocky terrain.


Well known international riders like Steve Peat, Rene Wildehaber, Brian Lopes, Chris Van Dine, El Chet, Rob J, and many more have all ridden this ride, and we offer it on a daily basis.


Equipping you with a Full suspension mountain bike (Kona, Specialized, etc) plus full face helmets and knee/elbow pads, you will experience a descent of an hour or longer with so much flow that our personal bikes don’t even have chains !


Even better, this ride goes directly adjacent to our most popular ride, Abra Malaga down to Ollantaytambo via the paved road. Thus parents, significant others, or less skilled traveling companions can come along in the van for the one hour ride up, then come down the road with another guide while you shred the downhill.  At the bottom  riders can choose to call it a half day and  return to Ollantaytambo for lunch, otherwise we can reload the bikes and head back up for a second run down this adrenaline-laced adventure for mountain bikers.



This ride goes over all types of terrain. It begins above the pass of Abra Malaga, starting out at a lung-bursting altitude of over 15,000 feet above sea level. Yes, at this height many mountain climbers are donning oxygen masks, however you won’t because we don’t have any. Instead, we will take a deep breath and then point our bikes downhill. The trail literally follows an ancient road likely over two thousand years old, subsequently refined by the Incas who used it to access the jungle on the other side. Somehow it is comforting to know we are shredding over the same route that the Incas used to carry out products from the jungle such as fruit and coca. Mmmmm….. coca !


Click here to see edited video of the race course ridden by racers

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Click here to see edited video from former pro snowboarder Ali G

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 The cost for this trip is $119 for one drop (takes 2-3 hours and includes one descent) or $159 for two drops, which takes around five hours depending on riders speed. We include for free a quality double suspension Downhill bike with hydraulic disc brakes, full face helmet, goggles, full fingered gloves, and elbow and knee pads if desired.
We sometimes hear feedback that this price seems expensive. We want to remind that transportation is very expensive in the Sacred Valley. Gas is $6 a gallon, plus the cost of the vehicle itslef and also a driver. Then, we have to pay the guide, there is extensive wear and tear on the bikes themselves, and of course the bikes themselves are very expensive. So we just wanted to explain all that to help understand the cost.
This price is starting from Ollantaytambo only. Please note that we DO NOT accept credit cards (Peru is still primarily a cash economy) but we will take US dollars, or Peru Soles, or any combination thereof.  

There is a minimum of two riders for this route, we will try to match single riders with another group if possible, if none exists there is a $30 extra cost for single riders. Friends or family may ride in the support vehicle for just $10 a person or even bike back down (see our ‘Abra Malaga’ ride under Half day Bike Rides)