Transportation in the Sacred Valley

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How do I get to Machu Picchu?  How do I get from the airport to Ollantaytambo?  How can I get a taxi from Cusco to Ollantaytambo train station? Can I rent a car in Peru? How much should I pay for a taxi?  We can help you with your questions about taxis, rental cars, renting a car in Cusco, hiring a driver, etc.

We provide safe and reliable transport for your trips around Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Ollantaytambo. Even to Lake Titicaca!

These are not tours, it is a “Vehicle + Driver + All Gas” service. All prices are total, NOT per person, so you can divide the cost up among your party, it is much cheaper that way! You choose your start point, end point, desired stops, and pickup time, and we provide the car. You can start anytime after 6am until 6pm.

All costs are based simply on total time spent with the car and driver. 


If you are in a hurry, here are the exact details and costs:

Direct service between anywhere in Cusco and anywhere in Ollantaytambo, in either direction, is $55 in a taxi or $85 in a minivan (up to 8 people). A half day anywhere, up to 4.5 hours, is $84/$99; Up to 6 hours is $99/$109; Up to 8 hours is $109/$119, and up to our max of 9.5 total hours is $119/$129.  Prices are total, NOT per person. 


See this map to get a good idea of the basic layout of the Sacred Valley.  

Three people can comfortably fit inside a taxi (one up front, two in the back seat). Four people can also enter a taxi but three people in the back seat of a taxi is fairly crowded and will definitely affect the comfort of the journey for those who are squished into the back.  More than four people cannot safely or comfortably fit into a taxi and will need a minivan.

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Another reason to use our transportation services with a known driver is that travelers frequently leave or lose their belongings in a taxi, especially cameras and cell phones. These are easily retrieved if you have used our transportation services, but if it was a random driver your items are gone forever. In addition, our known and trusted drivers can be left behind while you visit different tourist and archaeological sites to watch your luggage, otherwise you will have to carry it around with you. Finally, most travelers comment on the high speeds and reckless driving of the average driver off the street which is definitely something to consider ! Cheaper taxis usually drive much faster in order to get to their next fare. These are just some tips to help you during your stay, based on our experiences.

At KB Tambo Tours, we offer pickup from the airport in Cusco to our door in Ollantaytambo for $55 (this is the standard going rate). It is about a two hour drive and the advantage to a private taxi is that you can stop for bathroom and brief photo stops along the way. (Note: Drivers do not speak English)

Many of our guests wish to see Pisaq, the Sacred Valley, Moray and the Salt Mines of Maras, etc. during their stay. In order to provide the most flexibility we have changed our transportation services to reflect the individual needs of our guests.

All prices include a modern car, all gas, a known and trusted driver who will watch your belongings, and door to door pickup service. To book your vehicle or if you have any questions, just click the button below: