Area Sights

These pages contain lots of information about local sites in the Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Ollantaytambo area. If you are wondering what to do with your time in the Sacred Valley, you have definitely come to the right web page ! Whether you want to go trekking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, cruise around in a taxi, – or virtually any combination of these ! then we can help you.

The first thing to know is that seeing these sites takes time: to get there, to see them, and to get to the next site. Travelers here to Cusco, the Sacred Valley,Aguas Calientes, and Machu Picchu often overestimate how much can be done in just a few hours. As a general rule, it takes between one to two hours each segment to travel between Pisac, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, and Salt Mines and Moray. It also takes between 1 to 2 hours to visit each typical site. You can first take a look at our map shown at the bottom of this page to familiarize yourself a bit with the area.

Click on the names here of any of these major sites like Sacsayhuaman, Tambo Machay etc. in Cusco, the Pisac ruins and market, Chincheros, Urubamba, Salt Mines of Salineras, Moray,  Ollantaytambo. And, of course, Machu Picchu. First, though, let us list briefly the most popular 1/2 day and full day trips:

These are just the titles of the trip, for full details scroll all the way to the bottom of this page. The individual sites are described in detail on our website, just hover your mouse over the “Area Sights” button you clicked on to get here, followed by the itinerary options at the bottom of the page.


Costs for transportation in the Sacred Valley are high, but remember that gas is nearly $6 a gallon. Also, although the drivers tend to not speak English, you are hiring both the car as well as a driver. That is why costs vary by hour, as the driver charges for his time, as well as the costs of gas and use of the auto. Costs for taxi transportation are $79 for a Half Day (up to 4 hours), $99 for 4-6 hours,$109 for a Full Day (up to 8 hours), and $119 for a Super Full Day (8-10 hours).

That is for a taxi, which hold 3 people comfortably, or 4 people with 3 in the back a little squished.  More than 4 people, you definitely need a minivan, costs for a Half Day up to 4 hours is $90, for 4-6 hours is $119, a Full Day up to 8 hours is $130, and a Super Full Day 8 to 10 hours is $150.  For more details on those charges and how it works (and why it isn’t cheap) click for our Transportation page HERE.

Half Day:

1. Ollantaytambo/Cusco to Salt Mines & Moray to Ollantaytambo/Cusco.
2. Ollantaytambo/Cusco to Pisac Ruins OR Market to Ollantaytambo/Cusco.

Full Day:

1. Ollantaytambo/Cusco to Pisac Ruins AND Marekt, to Ollantaytambo/Cusco.
2. Ollantaytambo/Cusco to Salt Mines & Moray & Chincerhos to Ollantaytambo/Cusco.
3. Ollantaytambo/Cusco, including Salt Mines & MOray & “Ruins of Cusco”, to Ollantaytambo/Cusco

Super Full Day: (leave early, arrive late, approx 8 to 10 hours)

1. Ollantaytambo/Cusco to Salt Mines and Moray to Pisac Ruins AND Market, to Ollantaytambo/Cusco.
1. Ollantaytambo/Cusco including Salt Mines and Moray, and the “Ruins of Cusco” circuit (detailed below), and Pisac Ruins OR Market

For details on any of these sites, go to the 3rd paragraph down from the very top and look for the blue links to all of these amazing sites.

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