Choquequirao to Machu Picchu

Trek: Choquequirao to Machu Picchu

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Days: 8 days trekking + 1 day visiting Machu Picchu 

Difficulty: Moderate to High, this is a strenuous trek ! 


This trek is, simply put, one of the finest in the world and one of the best trekking tours in Peru. It is our personal favorite of anywhere we have ever been, and the the stunning mountain scenery, ancient culture, Incan archaeological sites, and overall awesomeness of this trek is everything you have always wanted in an adventure – this is it !

This trek totals 8 days, up and over several steep mountain passes nearing 15,000 feet above sea level, and travels through spectacular, high Andean terrain and also goes past several major Inca sites – starting with Choquequirao, which is often described as a sister site to Machu Picchu.

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In the middle of the trek you will visit some recently uncovered Inca sites as well as traditional Andean villages such as Yanama – one of the most idyllic mountain hamlets to be found anywhere. This is a very rugged and remote trekking trip – there are very few services along the way. However if you have always wanted to go on a world class hike or trek in Peru and not see many other people, this is a great way to do it !


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Then, at the end of the trip, is of course Machu Picchu, one of the 7 Wonders of the World.  This trek is the very best way to arrive at Machu Picchu, better we think than taking the train or even the famed “Inca Trail” itself – as you will see very few other trekking groups on this route.

We start in either Cusco or Ollantaytambo and make the three hour scenic drive to Cachora.  From this quaint, Clint Eastwood style town we begin this epic trek to Machu Picchu via Choquequirao.

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The first day Day 1  is an easy one, after a long (approx 5 hours) drive, we begin walking along a wide path / 4wd drive road and then we begin the plunge down into the Apurimac canyon where we will spend our first night camping.  The scenery on this portion of the trek is absolutely epic and world class, some of the best we have ever seen.

There are very basic services here such as cold water showers and bathrooms.  The second day we descend to the canyon bottom and cross the famous Apurimac river and begin a very difficult (3,000 feet and 3 hours) climb back up the other side. A nice rest halfway up  in Santa Rosa Bajo with our friend Juan and some fresh cane or papaya juice, and we will be ready to tackle the rest of the climb, which is steep and relentless up to Marampata. If you have doubts about your physical ability or the strenuous nature of this trek, be sure to ask us about reserving a saddle horse for this part of the trip – a great way to climb up a steep trail !

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The second evening, after our long day of climbing on Day 2, we will spend camping near the Incan site of Choquequirao. Our campsite is gorgeous and overlooks the entire glacial valley of Choquequirau. Tomorrow is another long day so we will turn in early after a delicious hot meal so we are ready for the next day.

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Day 3, this is our visit to the site of Choquequirao, or Choquechirau as it is also called, sits near the top of a giant mountain overlooking the Apurimac river. This magnificent Inca palace is believed to have been built by the son of Pachacutec, who built Machu Picchu.  It certainly shares its majestic, mountain top location.  It also has sight lines as far away as Vilcabamba and is still not even 50% uncovered – the thick jungle vegetation is still hiding many Incan surprises. The best part by far, for all of our guests, is the virtually (for now) deserted feel of the site – there are very few other groups that come here, not least because it is a long difficult hike to get here.  This is the Inca experience dreamt of, but rarely attained, by most trekkers to Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail, so pat yourself on the back for picking this trip.

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The third day we will spend the whole morning wandering around Choquequirao, taking the time most groups do not have. This is a very important Inca site and there are many aspects to it – houses, terraces, temples, platforms, waterfalls, plazas, staircases, waterways and more ! We end our visit to KB’s personal favorite, the Llamas or “llamitas”

Only uncovered from between 2003 to 2005, this stone architectural masterpiece occupies an entire mountainside, and has dozens of 2 meter tall terraces featuring life-sized llamas made up of white stones, set into the vertical faces of the terracing. The whole effect is one that has to be seen to believed, and like all Inca sites is best seen from afar and above. We will make a short hike to a lookout platform where we can get the best view of this impressive piece of Incan work.

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We will then pack up and hike up and over the mountain of Choquechirau to end up at our campsite near another Incan site called Pinchinuyoq, which was likely satellite housing for the workers constructing the main site. It features the usual impressive array of corn producing “andenes”, or terraces.  The next morning on Day 4 we make a steep climb down to the hot canyon of the White River, followed by an equally steep and warm climb up the other side to the beautiful hillside camping spot of Maizales. Here we will spend our fourth night with a well earned early rest and hearty meal ! There are great views from our campsite of the surrounding mountains and part of Choquechirau itself.

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The next day Day 5 we continue climbing up the steep mountainside, through some very unique and lush vegetation before coming to the pass of Abra San Juan, carved out of sheer rock atop a high mountain with views in every direction. The trail seems like something out of a movie amidst the breathtaking terrain until we arrive at our camp site of Yanama, one of the more peaceful villages in all of the Andes. This is one of KB’s favorite places, and we will likely get roped into a game of soccer or hide-n-seek  with the local children.

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The next day on Day 6 we make the long but easy climb up to near the legendary mountain pass called Abra Choquetecarpo, one of our favorite places in Peru, to our sixth night’s camping spot. Once again, we have stunning views of the surrounding glaciers and valleys all around us as well as more Incan remains including that of a road coming down from the pass above.

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On Day 7, first via foot and the last part of the road descent via our vehicle, we will make it to St. Theresa where we will spend the seventh night in a local hostal with a well-deserved shower and bed.

The last day, Day 8, we will relax, maybe go to the famous Colo de Mono canopy zipline or the hot springs of St. Theresa, before making the easy three hour walk from the HydroElectric plant to Aguas Calientes – the town below Machu Picchu. Your hotel is included this night, (double occupancy), as is lunch and dinner, and your guide will give you your train ticket, MP entrance ticket, and roundtrip bus ticket. 

On Day 9 you will be on your own, you have everything needed to visit Machu Picchu and your train ticket to Ollantaytambo in the evening after your visit is included. There, the trip ends and there is the option of continuing on to Cusco or else staying in Ollantaytambo..  


Cost:  $1395 per person, minimum three people (ask about 2 person price)

Includes:  Everything – breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks for all 8 days; Private transport from Cusco or Ollantaytambo to trailhead at Cachora; mule team to carry all your gear; cook to prepare all meals; English speaking guide; all camping gear including tents, sleeping bags and sleeping bads; also includes entry fee for Machu Picchu ! Also includes return train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo. Also does not include Huayna Picchu entrance ticket. Please notify us ASAP if you wish to climb Huayna Picchu on your trip, as those tickets are very difficult to obtain and often must be done months in advance. There is a $15 per person extra charge for the Huayna Picchu ticket but the bigger issue is getting them. Email us for details !