Rafting in Cusco, Peru


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Okay, we were just joking to see if you were paying attention ! Obviously, the vast majority of the rafting trips we offer are on whitewater – some of the best whitewater rafting in Cuzco, Peru, and the world.

But we also offer more laid back rafting trips in the more mellow rivers in the jungles around Machu Picchu. We offer several different rafting trips including whitewater rafting, kayaking, float trips down the Amazon river, and even a rafting trip to Machu Picchu !  (well, sort of – ask us for details).


Please note that we have a minimum of 4 guests for all of our rafting excursions, and we do not make up groups.  All of our trekking and mountain biking and even horseback trips, we can accomodate solo and small group travelers. However for rafting we do require a complete group of 4 or more. (Ask us about exceptions for groups of 2)  Do talk to us about rafting, we have a bunch of different trips that we recommend !.