Inca Avalanche

Inca Avalanche Trail Festival & Race Package

Trip Dates: April 23 to April 29, 2018

Race Dates: April 28 and April 29, 2018


Every year in Ollantaytambo, Peru,  KB Tambo Tours hosts one of the premier international mountain biking races in the world: The Inca Avalanche.
Just imagine 200+ racers starting en masse from an altitude of over 15,000 feet, descending from a massive glacier that overlooks one of the 7 Wonders of the World – Machu Picchu !

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Previous participants of this race include Chris Van Dine, Aaron Chase, Kelly McGarry, Eric Porter, Andrew Taylor, Garett Buehler, Niki Leitner, Yannick Wende, Kike Genova, Alejandro Paz, and many more. 

But you do not have to be a pro to ride this event ! Every year we get a lot of entrants in the 10 to 15 year old category as well as local beginners on rigid bikes. There is always a dozen or so entrants in the women’s category also, everyone is welcome. Click HERE for a link to the race website for more details
This race is about so much more than just the race though – come early to visit Machu Picchu, check out Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo – all on your bike while practicing for the race – how sick is that ?

And this year, just the race is one of the most amazing cultural events to be found anywhere – the Incan dance festival of Choquekilka. Click here to see more info on this festival – which is sort of like New Years Eve, Mardi Gras, Halloween, and Easter all rolled into one.


Race Package Details:



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Day 1


After arriving to Lima either last night or this morning, you will make a short one hour flight over the incredibly steep and rugged Andes mountains into the imperial city of the Incas: Cusco. While on the flight, those who remember to take our advice and asked at checkin for a seat on the left (‘izquierda’) side of the plane during checkin will be treated to incredible views.of many glaciers and mountains over 20,000 feet high. After landing, we will retrieve your luggage and meet our awaiting driver outside the airport.  We will leave the airport and go into the center of Cusco, a beautiful city with a mix of both Incan and Colonial architecture.  After a quick cup of coca tea to combat the altitude, we will make a short driving tour around Cusco before heading to the lower altitude of the Sacred Valley.

Our destination is Ollantaytambo famed locale of international shredders for many years. After checking in and getting unpacked a bit, we will be the guests at a special rooftop welcome party and happy hour on our deck. Plenty of space to put your bike together as well, if you wish. We will enjoy complimentary Pisco Sours, a national cocktail that is sort like a Peruvian margarita. They pack quite the wallop so go easy. There is plenty of time for an afternoon ride down from Pumamarca if energy level and bike condition allows.


Day 2


Biking Pumamarka, Inca Avalanche, Inca Downhill

After breakfast we will start off with a short ride to get acclimated a bit and check out the bikes before we really test them later on. We’re going to Pumamarca, one of KB’s personal favorites sites, it is actually a pre-Incan construction and an interesting archaeological place. It is situated at the juncture of two large mountain valleys that go up and over the continental divide of the Andes and down to the Amazon jungle. Interestingly, the same views and location that made a strategic fortress work seven hundred years ago are the same ones that make it a great place to ride your bike to! There is no entrance fee and very few other travelers. After visiting the site and maybe kicking around a soccer ball for a bit with some local kids, it’ll be time to ride.

Our descent will include several recently discovered but very sizeable Incan ruins. And if all that wasn’t enough for our first half day, we should mention that the single track / racetrack / Inca trail that blazes down from the site directly to KB Tambo is simply delicious.

As the ride ends right at our hotel, we will have a short rest and some lunch  and then everyone will have the option of either hanging out in town and relaxing doing their own thing, or hop back in the van for a practice rip down the Inca Avalanche race course from Abra Malaga.



Day 3

mountainbiking in peru
Today is shuttle mania, several drops of two thousand feet each, sun baked singletrack, natural half pipes, a DH style course, and some cross country riding to keep ya’ honest. Oh, and we will visit two or three unique Inca sites. (small entrance fees not included) Today is one of our favorite full days of biking to be had anywhere.   Click HERE for video of one of todays rides

We will do three full shuttle runs, with plenty of time to chill and have lunch in between.




Day 4

Mountain biking the Inca Downhill in Peru


This is the world famous Inca Avalanche race course, also known as the Inca Downhill . One of the most exciting rides in Peru, this bike trail drops from 14,500 feet at the foot of a glacier all the way down to the valley floor 5,000 feet below. Along the way we will blaze past waterfalls, llamas, Incan ruins, pre-Incan ruins, small stone Andean houses and traditional culture. In fact part of the trail is on an actual Inca road – a jungle access route that almost certainly predates the Incas and is a thousand years old or more, and is still in pristine condition – a real testament to the engineering skills of the ancient civilization of the Incas, dating back to the 1400’s.

mountain bike Peru

But as we like to say, don’t let the culture fool you, the riding goes off pretty hard too! There are plenty of places to get your huck on, as well as high speed grading sections and plenty of rock garden. There is even some smooth Colorado-type singletrack in case that is your thing, though not much of it. The descent is a total blast and when we get to the bottom, we’ll have some cold drinks and fresh choclo con queso, a local treat of fresh corn on the cob with cheese.

And then we’ll hop in the van, drive up 5,000 feet and do it all again. Yes that is over 10,000 feet of epic descending in two runs in case you are counting! 

Day 5

mountainbiking in PeruToday we ride more ancient Inca roads and singletrack, starting at the foot of a glacier and descending for what seems like forever, past countless Incan archaeological sites. By now, you will have seen a pattern develop with what the mountain biking is like in Peru. The trail down to Calca from the pass above is one of our all time favorites so we will do it twice – another 10,000 feet of descending that will include some epic scree runs starting out at over 15,000 feet above sea level.


On the drive back to Ollantaytambo, after a large lunch and some cold drinks in the sunny plaza of Calca village, we will have the opportunity to score one more downhill drop. We will have the choice of either the very steep, chalky soil foot trails DHing from Racchi down to the valley floor, or else one of our favorites: the Moab-ish red soil clay luge run from the Incan site of Moray down to the bottom that we call “Paucarbamba” and can be seen a bit in the video below.


Day 6 

Inca Avalanche Qualifying Day !  We will all go up to the start as a group, today there are 2 qualifying runs. The first is mandatory, and the second is optional. Overall, it is a fun day of riding with a more relaxed vibe. Our tour van will go up for both qualifiers, or you can head back to town on your own after the first one. Tonight there are Trail Festival bragging sessions going on so check the schedule at the official race website,


Day 7  

Race Day !  We will all go up to the start as a group, today there is one, winner take-all descent.  Everyone rides to have a good time but of course everyone is trying to do the best they can ! Tonight there are Trail Festival bragging sessions going on so check the schedule at the official race website,



Trip Cost 

Cost is $1295 per person. Includes pretty much everything for the whole trip above except dinners, Machu Picchu entrance and train ticket, and drinking water.  Everything else is taken care of. Specifically:   Hotel room (based on double occupancy) Day 1 through Day 7 (6 nights); all private transportation, from Cusco airport pickup on Day 1 to dropoff in Cusco the evening of Day 7 or the morning of Day 8 (your choice.  Hotel Day 7 is on your own, either in Ollantaytambo or Cusco your choice).  All shuttling.  All guiding. Breakfast free Day 2 through Day 7. 


Not included:   Lunches or Dinners, Hotel on the Night of Day 7, any transport to Cusco or airport or Ollantaytambo outside of our normal shuttle times (which are 8am to noon on Day 1; 9pm on Day 7 to Cusco;  9am to Cusco on Day 8)

* All guiding fees also are included in price. To book this trip, or if you have any questions, just email KB directly at