Horseback Trip to Pumamarca


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This is our most popular horseback tour, and with good reason – the route is fairly easy and thus ideal for beginners and experts alike, and both the pre-Incan site of Pumamarka and the valley it lies in are gorgeous. There is currently no charge to enter Pumamarka and there are very few other people. It is close to Ollantaytambo and makes a great half day excursion, and a good place for a picnic. There is┬álots of green grass and silence you can’t help but enjoy yourself ! The trip involves a gradual climb on a narrow trail while on horseback and is about 11 kilometers or 7 miles roundtrip. We leave at 9am It takes 2 to 3 hours roundtrip, plus whatever time you spend in the Pumamarka ruins, which for most people is one hour.

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Trip cost is $65 per person with guide and box lunch included, minimum 2 people

Please note that horse helmets are typically not used or available in Peru; if you wish to wear a helmet please bring one along.