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Learn the basics of traditional basket-weaving from local artisan Pancho Carbajal. Pancho’s family have been basket-weavers for generations. Meet Pancho’s family and get comfortable in his patio for his lesson. Take off your shoes; much of the work is done with your feet! Pancho speaks little English but is patient with people of all levels of Spanish and skill. Everyone will be able to complete a basket, and will leave with not only a greater appreciation for the skill involved in this ancient craft, but also a beautiful woven Peruvian basket. It also makes a great gift – if you can bear to part with it.

Note: This workshop requires a few weeks’ notice and at least four participants: Pancho weaves with huamanpita, a high-altitude shrub. For each lesson, Pancho must hike for a day to harvest the plant, returning home to prepare it for weaving. Visitors who have a bit more time are welcome to join Pancho to harvest the plant.

Price per person: $33 or s/90

To book this class, email us today at kbperu@hotmail.com