Ceramic Classes

Pottery with Pre-Inca Techniques

In a morning or afternoon, master potter Lucho Soler can teach you not only the basics of hand-built pottery, but also the history and significance of ceramics in Peru.
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Lucho, originally from Lima, is a world-class potter and has settled in Ollantaytambo to work with local potters and to further develop his art in his native country. Lucho does not use commercial materials, glazes or the potter’s wheel. He makes pottery entirely by hand, using raw materials and local clays gathered from the surrounding areas of Cusco. His pots are then decorated using colored clays and burnished (a special polishing technique) with river stones or agate. Burnishing, such as that practised by the Pueblo potters of New Mexico, Mata Ortiz and Mexico is of one the most highly admired pottery techniques among ceramic collectors. The burnishing technique results in a finish that is natural, lead-free, silky and shiny, leaving the pot with a mirror-like surface.

Lucho speaks fluent English and is one of the most knowledgeable people in town with regard to Peruvian culture, history and development. 

Lucho will teach you to appreciate the beauty of raw clay by helping you to hand-build a beautiful coil pot. Please note that due to the lengthiness of ceramic production, finishing and firing a piece is not possible; it can take several weeks to complete the process! You will, however, receive an education in ceramic history and variation worldwide.

Price per person: $44 or s/120
No previous experience necessary.

To book this workshop, just email us at kbperu@hotmail.com